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Clive Durose provide effective, time and money saving solutions for customers. This extends to unique fixings, original one off designs, improved products and engineered materials.

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  • Prime White

  • Demountable Newel

  • Engineered Materials

Create your own staircase.

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Prime White.

Prime White takes popular designs to another level.

primepicIf you want a quantum leap in quality, to ease your production flow and provide yourself or your customers with a time and money saving solution to decorated stairs, you need look no further – Ultra Smooth and brilliant white ready primed stair parts from Clive Durose are guaranteed to improve any painted staircase.

Primed in white matt finish they readily accept a top coat without further sanding. The quality is simply outstanding.

We have taken the most popular designs and sizes and primed them – Stop chamfered 32mm x 32mm baluster and Staffordshire Spindle plus the 41mm x 41mm Trafalgar spindle together with 82mm and 90mm Newels with two styles of caps are available. Primed hand and baserails are complete with primed infill strip or you can use a natural hardwood rail to complement the white balustrade.

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Prime White Range.

Demountable Newel Posts

DemountAssWhere space is at a premium, the Clive Durose demountable newel system allows removal of the newel and balustrade so that wide furniture can be transported up staircases

Supplied with the necessary tools and cover buttons these newels are very easy to use.

Demountable Newels

Engineered Timber, Squares, Strings, Treads and Risers.

oakthumbReady to use stair construction parts. Quick, convenient, no waste, perfect quality.

Using Clive Durose engineered components means you don’t have all the headaches involved with buying and preparing rough sawn timber. You can get straight on with the job of making a staircase.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the material is well colour matched and laminated.

Newstead Range.